In the name of Allah

Alhamdulillah we have done our first explorace
Well done to all
and don't forget to revise again... (final is around the corner)

p/s: thanks for all crew!


azni_1405 said...

uit,,group aku yg ke-8 maa~
huhu,,macam lawak plak main lari2 tapi best...

haidaf said...

xplorace smlm mmg bez..
hope evryone enjoy evry single second yesterday.
this is d precious moment,
where memories never end..

Anonymous said...

semput tau main explorace semalam.
aku terjatuh,tergolek,tergelongsor.
muka da cm busuk giler kebasahan dgn peluh.tp papepon aku enjoy sgt dgn explorace ni.
good job to the organizer!
thumbs up!

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