Official Launching Day of "Letscounting" ..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillah , the launching of our letscounting.blogspot went well this morning. While waiting for Mdm Alifah's lecture, (suppose at 10am ) we intoduced to all students about our official blog of accounting and muamalat . Eventhough it wasn't as 'gempak' as we think but it works !

After the Head of Exco Dakwah shared his hot topic, the boys invited our Chief to officially launch the blog ( in very sempoi style ) . So, in hope that all students of accounting and muamalat can contribute as much as can in this blog .

Font size

short tazkirah from Exco Dakwah , Iqmal

did Iqmal only talked to the boys ?

the chief gave some advices while the crews solved the technical problems

"what's the address of the blog ?"

In production of this blog hopefully can benefit all of us. Accounting and muamalat students are the best !
" when the idea comes to mind "
p/s : sorry for the grammatical errors ...


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